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The 1928B series does not get the attention that it deserves, and most stars are very tough to locate except for a very select few. Several $10 districts have no CU notes known. 

Only eight districts printed DGS stars (no H, I, J or K).

1928B Astar dk ten.jpg 

Here is the note where the journey began. I estimate around 168,000 were printed, and this is from the final DGS star run (July 1932). This came from a local coin shop in February of 2014. 

The set went dark for a very very long time. 

It wasn't until May of 2018 that the second note was added to the set. This is one of the keys to the set. All of the 1928B C star DGS $10's were printed in March of 1930, before switching back  over to 1928A C stars in July 1931. It is very possible that only 24,000 were printed and only about four or five are known, with the best in VF so far. A forum member may have one above VF, from the C00207xxx* range. 

In October of 2018, the third note to the set showed up by chance on a reputable dealer's website. 

About 120,000 D stars were printed as DGS. PMG graded this a 35, but I can see it regrading a 40Q. It is funny that they have graded no D stars with EPQ from what I can see. The note above has nice but not crazy embossing and just three folds. From the September 1931 print range. 

And the halfway mark to the set was reached in June of 2020 with this note. 

1928B Gstar DK.jpg 
A nice CCU from the March 1930 printing (first printing). 240,000 DGS G stars were printed. This is the type note of the set with the finest being 67Q. 

The only remaining notes needed for this collection are: B star, E star, F star, and L star. 

I am looking for the B and E in high grades, the F in at least 25, and the L in any decent grade. 

Anyone with the four above needed notes, give me a shout. 

Feel free to post your 1928B $10 DGS stars. 
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The only one I have left.
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Wow Numbersman, that is the only one. 

This seems to be a very under rated series, with exception to Chicago. Very similar deal on the $20 stars. 
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The only one left...I've had a few others and sold them.I have a $20 H* but this was only for the tens.
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