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This set is much tougher to complete than many realize. 

The stoppers are : C star, F star, and L star. No H, I, J, or K stars were printed.

1928B Astar dk ten.jpg 
Only seven recorded with three better (a 55, 58, and 63). This one is a 35. 

B star: Coming soon. 

Only about four known. This is one of the major keys. It appears that about 24,000 were printed, before star production switching back to 1928A for this district, until the LGS era. This one is a generic VF, unfortunately with the stain. 

Ex35 no Q, but with three folds and embossing, should grade a 40Q IMO. Only about 11 known, and this is fourth best, with a couple 55's, a 58, and a couple CCU's known. 

E star: Coming soon. 36,000 printed, and tougher, but CU's are known. 

F Star: Coming soon. 36,000 printed and one of the keys. 

1928B Gstar DK.jpg 
The type note of the series with the finest being a 66 as far as I know. 

L star: Looking for a F15 to VF30, but would consider a clean F12. This is another key.
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Very tough set to complete. 

The 1928B DGS stars are far tougher than many realize, and are tougher than the 1928 plains, and some districts are tougher than 1928A !! 
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