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1928B FA LGS five early.jpg 
From a small run of AU's. I am only aware of a couple of CU's, making only two notes better than this one.

1928B HA lgs five.jpg 
Since slabbed AU58Q. Looks like a 64Q, but has an unnoticeable c-bend. 

1928B LA LGS five.jpg 
The key to the set, and only a handful known in EF or better. I am only aware of one or two CU's. 
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Another sweet LGS set.  I am getting the LGS collecting bug, but these notes are difficult to find.  This hobby makes it difficult to focus on a collecting area.  I need more currency to buy currency. 
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Congratulations, Bill.

A really nice set of well-matched high grade LGS $5s.  So much tougher than people would think.

Still looking for a nice Atlanta for my set.
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