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I sold the regular blocks last Winter, and am focusing only on stars. 

This set is a work in progress, but is mostly done. 

1934 YGS ten A star.png

Nice VF35Q that will someday be upgraded with another note from this range. 

1934 B star ten LGS.jpg 
Generic uncirculated for centering issues and a teller pinch. IMO a 62Q. 

C star: Looking for a PCGS58Q or a raw CCU.

D star: Looking for a PCGS58Q or a raw CU (preferably with a four digit serial number). 

1934 E star LGS ten.jpg 
As far as I know, top pop, with none finer of six known (though two others in this grade). 

1934 F star LGS ten.jpg 
Tied for second finest, though there are three gems. Seven recorded. 

G star: Looking for a 63Q or 64Q, the lower the serial, the better. 

H star: Looking for at least a 58Q, again, the lower the serial, the better. 

I star: Looking for a VF25 or 30, preferably with a four digit serial number. 

J star: I own J00072033* in VF+, but no image. 

1934 K star.jpg 
Two known, both in similar grade, making this the key. There are rumors of CU notes, but none appear in auction records since 1990 !

1934 L star LGS $10.jpg 
A nice honest VF note, but I would like to upgrade to EF. Once again, the lower the serial, the better. 


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WOW, great LGS star notes.  I love LGS notes, but haven't focused on any sets yet. 
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