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Post your XB YB ZB experimentals.

There is a very informative article on these notes.


On May 06, 1940, an experiment similar to the 1928A / 1928B $1 SC experiment was performed, this time on series 1935A $1 SC's.

More details on this topic soon.
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Great set to put together! They've definitely gotten a bit scarcer over the last year or so. 
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How would they deal with replacement notes in an experimental series? Same process as usual?
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1935-A YB Experimental from the other forum, not 1928.

Has anyone heard if Fr. will create a number for this soon? 1SC_35A_Y00000555B_58PPQ_20160906_103155.jpg  Click image for larger version - Name: 1SC_35A_Y00000555B_58PPQ_20160906_103211.jpg, Views: 90, Size: 1.18 MB
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The star notes would be most likely printed on regular paper, as it would take a special serial range to distinguish them.

The exception is the 1935A R and S experimentals. 

During the 1935A XB, YB, and ZB printings, star numbers were somewhere in the *37000001A to *44000000A range, roughly. 
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I dropped the ball on this one. 

Here are the serial number ranges, and specs:

X00000001B – X00720000B
Y00000001B – Y00720000B
Z00000001B – Z00576000B

XB control 75 percent linen cuttings and 25 percent cotton cuttings.

YB 50 percent linen cuttings and 50 percent cotton cuttings.

ZB 50 percent linen cuttings and 50 percent raw cotton fiber.

All of these notes were printed May 06, 1940 and released in the Chicago area. 

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Single digit - sweet! 
...and they did NOT classify it as Fr 1608exp which means you scored by a factor of 10 - impressive find!
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