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Steve in Tampa

      Early on, my collecting efforts were concentrated on $1 FRN replacement notes. All of the series 1969 (ABCD) $1 FRNs were short lived. All five of these series were printed between May 1969 and May 1974, and measured in months, not years. One of the most challenging series was 1969C. Five of the nine replacement note districts had 640K or less printed within a 6 month period between December 1971 and May 1972. Boston, New York and Philadelphia did not print star notes for this series. San Francisco is the key star for the series. I completed this set of CU notes many years ago but oddly remember tracking all of them down individually.

A0141FC6-4E2C-4947-B3A4-C7D0DF3CC5D7.jpeg  31B686A0-B172-4272-87BF-1DC2131542AF.jpeg  43D0303C-7B3A-4113-AE33-12B05F539890.jpeg  5982CED9-53BE-4CE7-8F44-C2458BF5055B.jpeg  B1D7EB65-4D7A-48E5-BA22-4219FF69FFD9.jpeg  8AF013EE-73C3-4F76-829B-181F46A1FA08.jpeg  4D03C986-0619-4ED3-9B7F-99AA90A0D3AE.jpeg  A45BAAC7-39C4-4C98-9415-F6CAB13356FC.jpeg  E630DCF3-B287-44A8-AE79-063C8B680636.jpeg 

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Nice set.

No 1969C notes were printed in 1971. The series was printed from about May 1972 to October (or November) 1972.

The last 1969D's were in September (regular) and October (star) of 1974.

From July to October of 1974, 1969D and 1974 were printed together.

last 1969B was in September of 1972 and first 1969D was in the same month.
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Steve in Tampa
Thanks. I used this as a guide for the dates.
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