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Steve in Tampa

    If my first love was $1 FRNs, then my second love was currency sheets. The BEP released these 2009 $2 Lucky Money sheets on November 18th 2015 for $58.88 each. They were limited to 16,888 sheets and have since sold out. All of them are Dallas district sheets starting with block K-B, and running through block K-R. Many of us over at Coin Talk were keeping tabs on when new blocks were being released. It was a challenge to collect them all, and thankfully with the help of member @webhead88a (David) I was able to get them all. Blocks K-A, K-B and K-C were available through circulation or through the 2016 Texas $2 Step or 2017 Triple Deuce set. But all the other blocks were only available by buying these sheets. 


Finding an album to display these was solved by contacting the fine people over at Itoya. I have several of their albums for 4-subject sheets and asked about an album specifically setup for a landscape orientation. Itoya had just what I needed in an archival quality art portfolio album that was both PVC & Acid-Free. These are great albums.


One of the sheets had a very interesting serial number.

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Great story, nice looking sheets and thanks for sharing. Good stuff. 
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Great presentation!  I wish I had more of these, just a few miscellaneous sheets left, but I have a couple complete sets of single notes left.  Putting this set together now would be a bear to find all 16 sheets.  
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That's quite a few sheets!

Very cool.
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