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Our 100th topic! I thought I'd make it a fun one.

One of the reasons collectors are drawn to security engravings is the artistry and skill of the engravers. But...there are some losers out there. And it seems like they ought to get their own topic -- all the cartoonish, poor perspective works worthy of the Hall of Shame.

For the most part, the less skillful engravers worked at the smaller bank note companies, usually toiling in well deserved obscurity. But even the big boys had bad days. F.H. Noyes was a picture engraver for the BEP, who did the portrait of Chief Ouray on the $20 MPC Series 692. He also engraved this dog. As far as I know "Dog's Head" has sat in the Bureau's vault for more than a century without being used on anything.

Dogs Head.jpg 

Animals can be notoriously difficult to capture, but you have to wonder if this unknown engraver had ever seen a buffalo. The face seems to be an afterthought.
Ilion bison.jpg 

If you glance at my avatar, you'll see the famous ABNC "Eagle on Rock" -- one of their signature images. Nearly every other banknote company created their own version, with varying degrees of success. This attempt by E.A. Wright Bank Note has to be bringing up the rear.
American Fruit eagle EAW.jpg 

I don't care if you are an angel, arms don't bend this way. At least not with thumbs on that side. Courtesy of Quayle & Sons.
Angel arms.jpg 

Jeffries Bank Note Co. in L.A. produced some peculiar looking figure engravings. This one appears to be the victim of a bad implant job -- and way too much eye shade.
Jeffries maiden.jpg 

In 1909, John A. Lowell Bank Note Co. put out a set of 10 cards featuring U.S. presidents. Most are good likenesses, but this one of Andrew Jackson looks like he forgot to put in his dentures.

Who has some other examples we can poke fun at?
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I honestly have no idea what kind of critter that is on the bottom center of this note, maybe a dog?   Looks friendly enough to try to pet,  but I'm the idiot that started to go over and try to pet the baby bears at the dumpster a few years ago.    Lucky for me, someone with a little more common sense that I had at 4am stopped me.

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How about a bad souvenir card this time? This portrait of Teddy Roosevelt is just not a good likeness and exhibits some poor engravings skills. Is it me or does he look a bit like Groucho Marx?

NA19 cu.jpg 
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