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Well the 2020 baseball season is about to start at last. If there's one thing that note collectors and baseball fans have in common it's a fascination with numbers - and there should be some pretty interesting statistics this year.

Contest: predict the batting average of the National League regular season batting champion.  Post your answer in the form of a note - EITHER the first three digits of the serial number OR the last three. Specify which you want. So if you post a note with serial number 36706406  you can choose to predict  EITHER .367 or .406 -  if you don't specify will assume you mean the first three digits.  Entries due by August 15.  One entry per  person for now - you can change it until August 15.

Bonus points if your posted note relates to baseball or to your favorite team.

Contest ends whenever the season does - if no NL batting champion will do a random drawing. I get to interpret all the rules. Go Dodgers.

Prizes to be announced -
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Thanks beryl. My entry : 338. First three digits of serial number. Go Phillies.  Click image for larger version - Name: 27BB6EF8-CAD3-49DF-B62C-DE040037C62B.jpeg, Views: 75, Size: 1.39 MB
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Steve in Tampa

Thanks for sponsoring this contest @beryl. I’m an AL East guy, Go Rays, and was invited to a Meet the Yankees autograph session in 2006 at Steinbrenner Field which is directly across the street from where I worked, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa. I kept a new Rawlings MLB ball at my desk that I took with me. Signatures on the ball include Mariano Rivera, Ron Guidry, Gary Sheffield, Tino Martinez, Luis Sojo, Derek Jeter and Goose Gossage. Gossage was the only HOF member at the time and since then both Rivera and Jeter have been voted into to the Hall of Fame...one in record style.

  My guess is 335.


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I'll take .354
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I will take .321 for now and my favorite team currently would be the Rangers so this Dallas note would be about as close to bonus points as I could get. 

1 2001 Fr 1927-K Dallas KB Block PCGS 66PPQ Down Ladder Repeater 43214.jpg 

Thanks for the contest!
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I think I'll take the .375 in the beginning, but I would not be surprised if we see the .391 at the end. And since I'm a lifelong Yankees fan, this New York $10 will have to do. 

Thank you for the contest!!
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433...St Lou Cardinals

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Dan Cong
first 3 digits, .345 for the Florida Marlins

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.394...last three digits.  I think we're going to see some crazy stuff during the shortened season...having either a positive or negative impact on statistics.  So for now, I'm going with someone getting a hot start.  If pitching staffs get completely depleted due to COVID-19 and batters stay healthy, I may switch to the RADAR version and go with .493 (joking!). 

I'm not a huge baseball fan these days, but the team I root for doesn't have a FRN district, nor do I have a NBN from that city.  But as a young teenager, I was a White Sox fan for a few years during Big Hurt's prime.  And I loved the Black, White, and Silver colors (been a Raiders fan since I was 12 years old).  So hopefully bonus points for the south side of Chi-town!
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Just because I get to show off my zip code: "211"


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How about .313. Astros!! Fr_44_$2LT_PMG_45XF.jpg 
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I'm an American League guy ... grew up in and around Seattle, so they're still my "team", but since we're going NL, let's go with the Cubbies, and somebody goes LARGE this year on a shortened season @ .381 (I had another note I could have went with 332, but that was taken and this one ties into baseball better)!

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Will the season be stopped due to an increase of positive virus cases?  I read of a team in FL with many infected members. 
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Thanks for the contest. I’ll go with .376. 


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I’ll do .327

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I think Florida’s team might not be certified to play due to a large number of players with the virus but here is a note from Ohio

Guess is .404

Click image for larger version - Name: 442425E6-6CD2-4CD8-9C4E-3CF1CA4FACFB.jpeg, Views: 9, Size: 304.49 KB
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