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Acting on a recommendation from GregAlex, I acquired a copy of the book, The National Postal Museum, published by the Canada Post Office. The book was produced in 1974 to commemorate the opening of the Canadian National Postal Museum on September 27, 1974, in Ottawa, Canada. It is 8-7/8" H × 12¼" W with 112 pages and was issued in a limited edition of 1200 copies.

The book contains 11 intaglio prints "tipped in," 4 color lithographs, also "tipped in," and 13 stamp singles or blocks in mounts. In this case, "tipped in" means lightly glued along the top edge rather than having the corners inserted into cuts on the book pages. There are also many sepia pictures printed within the book. The intaglio prints were created from original dies by the Canadian Bank Note Company and the British American Bank Note Company at around the time the book was printed.

The book is extremely well printed and a worthwhile acquisition for collectors of intaglio prints. It provides the ability to obtain high-quality intaglio prints at economical prices. The prints can easily be removed from the book with reasonable care, although I do not recommend doing so. I know some collectors have done this over the years, so less than the originally-printed edition of 1200 copies exist intact.

At the time of this posting, there are 4 copies of the book available for sale from sellers on the Abe Books website. The books range in price from $30 to $115, plus shipping and taxes. I recommend contacting the sellers in advance of purchasing any of the books to find out the condition of the books and if the prints, stamps, and dust jacket are included and complete.

Canada NPM Print 01.jpg 

Canada NPM Print 02.jpg  Canada NPM Print 03.jpg  Canada NPM Print 04.jpg  Canada NPM Print 05.jpg  Canada NPM Print 06.jpg  Canada NPM Print 07.jpg  Canada NPM Print 08.jpg  Canada NPM Print 09.jpg  Canada NPM Print 10.jpg 

Book cover:
Canada NPM Cover 01.jpg 

Dust Jacket:

Canada NPM Dust Jacket 01.jpg 

Embossed Signature Page:

Canada NPM Embossed Signature Page 01.jpg 

Compilation of Stamps Included:

Canada NPM Stamps Combined.jpg 
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Steve in Tampa
Looks amazing @DonEinNY, thanks for sharing.
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Dan Cong
1954 Northern Pacific Railway $1000 Collateral Trust 4% Bond $6.20 obv.jpg Per Cox catalog, printed ABN
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There is a series of thick books that are a trove of BEP engravings, but no one talks much about them. The set is called "The Messages and Papers of the Presidents" and there are 10 volumes. Each volume features material from two or three presidents, depending on how prolific they were. All the volumes have frontispieces with BEP vignettes of different landmark buildings in Washington, DC, and each president is represented with a BEP portrait, from Washington to McKinley. Many of these portraits (there are 24) are the same ones that appear on currency.

These sets and individual books often show up on Ebay and online booksellers and they are quite inexpensive -- sometimes under $20 per volume. But if you are looking for the BEP engravings you need to be alert. The first editions came out from 1897-99; these had plain, reddish covers and were published by the Govt. Printing Office. These are the only copies that contain actual BEP engravings. Later editions had more ornate covers of different colors; these were printed commercially and used lithographic illustrations.

Here's what Volume 6 looks like, featuring the collected messages of presidents Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Note the GPO imprint at the bottom of the title page.
IMG_20200331_182524048.jpg  IMG_20200331_182621075.jpg
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Steve in Tampa
I bought this book for the first-hand history and partially for reference. It also has a couple of really nice intaglio printed pages towards the front of the book.
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Nice pick ups. Thanks for posting. Interesting stuff.
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Here's a tough book to find, because so few were printed. But it comes with the added bonus of an ABNC portrait of Thomas Paine bound into the front.

Illustrated_Loans cover.jpg  Thomas Paine ABNC portrait.jpg 
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