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DepressionScripGuy (Rod)
It's pretty common to see cut souvenir cards for sale on Ebay.   Some people get them graded and try to take advantage of people by offering them as "intaglio proofs" and offering them in the $30 to $50 range...  But.... 

I like Fred Bart and his people, they've done alot for error notes... but seriously?  This is just way too far over the top....

74 cut cards - average price roughly $175 each - THAT"S INSANE !!  What do you think?

At least when they were graded by PCGS, they put the phrase "Original printing plate on BEP card".  Unfortunately alot of people are going to miss that detail or what it means.
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When the TPGs began grading these cut-down cards in the 1990s the SCCS really should have gone after them, fast and hard, to be very clear about what they were in the descriptions. It took a long time for the TPGs to stop calling them "proofs" and they are still complicit in allowing shady dealers to misrepresent these. It has been very damaging to the hobby. I notice now that many have the "date printed" included in the label, which at least shows they are not 19th century prints. But they should all state simply "cut from souvenir card." If that had become the practice early-on, this would never have become a problem.

I'm disappointed in the Barts, also. Fred Bart used to advertise in the Souvenir Card Journal. Apparently this is his method of disposing of old inventory. I checked his sold listings to see if he had sold any and only saw three, back in February. But only a few people need to be duped at these prices to pay off the original cost of his entire inventory.

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