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HoneyBadger wrote:

I keep hearing this same thing about 2 cent peices, shield nickels, $1 and $3 gold coins....yet every time I try to buy one, I am not seeing where the prices are “dead.”

Sometimes it seems like the trick to jump starting the market on something is to get HoneyBadger to start collecting it...

Please start collecting Superintendent of Public Documents change coupons.
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Dan Cong
And the winner of the worst collectible of 2020 is "Superintendent of Public Documents change coupons". The runner up, "Used celebrity face masks", is a close second, but the collectors seem to keep passing away. 

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I was saddened to see your OP GR.  I really like seeing in depth focused collections (generally the way I collect too) so have enjoyed watching your collection/posts and learned a few things along the way from your posts that I hadn't encountered in "my" areas.   Know that you will be missed here by me and probably many of us.

I've encountered dry spells from time to time and this can be really draining.  But I have been fortunate enough to be able to seriously pursue a few diverse areas (NBNs, papal coins & medals, Latvian currency and ancients) so there's always something to keep my interest up.  After many years of stagnation, a large collection of Latvian came on the market enabling me to basically complete that collection by the specialized catalogue.  And over the last year a ton of southern IL NBNs have be sold (mostly by Heritage but also a few others), adding a bank or two (including one of my big 3) and numerous varieties I hadn't encountered before. 

Being a compulsive collector I've even dipped into a new area or two being inspired by articles in Paper Money.  For instance, Huntoon had an article about the transition/overlap of blocks for the various 1935 $1  SCs.  I don't do blocks or even type but was so inspired by his article that now I own over 40-50 of the things and "need" just a couple more to be "complete" in my mind. Mostly inexpensive and an intriguing pursuit to help me sort out how the production of these notes worked. 

And I've encountered my share of jerks both locally and nationally.  And social media makes it real easy to get drawn into silly, unwinnable OT arguments.  I was guilty of this also until I came to my senses, refocused my attention on why I participated here (discussion of currency with fellow enthusiasts) and resolved to try and adhere to my policy of "not feeding the trolls."  And these mercifully few encounters have been more than offset by a couple of great mentors and friendly folks willing to share and patient enough to politely listen to my questions and not so occasional commentary.    
 Sorry to drone on as I am wont to do, but thanks again for your contributions on this site.  Like others I would encourage you to explore another area or two - either geographical or topical - before giving up entirely on collecting.   Like a multi-course meal, while perhaps boring those intermissions between courses cleanse the palate and make what comes next even more enjoyable.    

Cheers and best of luck with whatever course you choose, STLNATS
Always interested in St Louis MO & IL metro and Evansville IN paper money, scrip, financial docs, banking ephemera, etc.  Also collect Latvian 1915 - 1940 city and national paper money by block letter/variety
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someone I hold in high esteem relayed this to me , when I was upset with something that needed change..... He
told me" Gandhi once said if you want change , be the change"
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I share your feelings !!! 😥
image.jpeg  image.jpeg 
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MEC2 wrote:

Just what does *that* have to do with anything? 

Was wondering the same thing.  But my experience on that has been completely different.  I have known a very diverse group of collector's over the years.  It doesn't seem to be all middle age white men to me.
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larry510 wrote:

Was wondering the same thing.  But my experience on that has been completely different.  I have known a very diverse group of collector's over the years.  It doesn't seem to be all middle age white men to me.

Same here. 

There are several of us on the forums that are serious collectors, that are not middle aged (though some of us are not far off). Tigertrader is one of them ( I am pretty sure he's a Millennial), Tookybandit has been a longtime collector and isn't quite yet middle aged, as well as you'rs truly. I started collecting seriously at 13 years old, and by 16, had a very nice collection ($1 1869 in F/VF, 1875 E series in F, $10 1880 USN in F/VF, $1 and $5 1886 SC's in VF,) among many others. 
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