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This note became known a few weeks ago and I doubted its existence until I was shown pictures. When a new, exciting national comes out we collectors swarm to it like moths on a yard light. That was the case here. I was offered an opportunity to own this note last weekend and lucky for me it turned up in the Des Moines area. I am beyond happy to have this note as part of my collection!

The Citizens National Bank of Lyons was chartered on March 23, 1891 and was liquidated on June 11, 1900 and consolidated with Charter #66 The First National Bank of Lyons (at that time it was using Charter #2733). During the banks short life, they issued only 1307 sheets in the 10-10-10-20 format. That is an output of a mere 5,228 notes for a face value of $65,530! This note is the first of that group and bears the signatures of President L(eroi)B. Wadleigh and Cashier Virtus Lund. By 1910 only $1,000 was outstanding. Currently there are only two notes in the census and the other is in the Higgins Museum.


Lyons is now part of Clinton, IA.

l1.jpg  l2.jpg 



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That's awesome Cody! Like hearing of a prized find like that. Especially when it is something you find locally!

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Steve in Tampa
Wonderful addition, congratulations Cody and thanks for sharing.
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I think it's great finds like this that helped start the phrase "I had to pinch myself because I thought I was dreaming!"  It looks like there is going to be some competition for that (you suck) award this year. 

All I have to say is that you are the most deserving and dedicated Iowa collector I know Cody, well done sir!
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You can't see me but I am giving you a standing ovation.Well done!  
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And a #1 note at that. Amazing find!
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Agree with all the above. Congrats. Love large size brown backs. Serial number 1 ...wow.
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DepressionScripGuy (Rod)
Congrats on an outstanding find !!!
Come see a forgotten piece of history...
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! of 2 with one in a museum and the other in your collection!!! Superbly outstanding, can't get any better than that!!! 

Boom, Cody, Boom!
Looking for:
Any small size UNC $1 FRN with serial 16977961.
2009 $1 LX end -61 - CU.
1935A $1 CC HAWAII end -61 raw or PCGS CU or better, PMG ok.
World serial 00000061.
World replacements serials ending -61.
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Congrats on the great addition. And thank you for sharing.
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Fantastic note !! Congratulations.
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Congratulations Cody! Super note for your collection!

I am sure it is happy to be in a good home! [thumb]
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Love the brown backs. Here’s my $100. Click image for larger version - Name: 90C37E1C-5262-46E2-8F89-FFA26D5291CE.jpeg, Views: 147, Size: 1.46 MB
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Amazing note Cody!
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Incredible in so many ways.

Only known example in private hands, Serial No 1, and outstanding eye appeal.

Glad you were able to add it to your collection.
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Fantastic acquisition!

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Russell Kaye
Nothing wrong with that 1.

Congratulations on a great addition to your Iowa collection.
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Cody, WOW. What a super note in every respect! Congrats.
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What a great addition to your collection. Serial #1 and a brown back to boot - lucky you.
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Cody , Congratulations on that fabulous addition to your collection. What a great #1 note!
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Superb addition!!
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Shawn Hewitt
Congratulations, Cody.  Love to see a great note finding a worthy home.
R. Shawn Hewitt
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Very nice! What a great addition. So who has the best example, you or the Higgins Museum? We know they don't have a #1!
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GregAlex wrote:
Very nice! What a great addition. So who has the best example, you or the Higgins Museum? We know they don't have a #1!

Funny you bring this up. I knew I saw a picture of the other one somewhere. It's on page 190 of the Iowa National Bank Notes book by Ehrhardt & Sweeney. I haven't to the Higgins in a few years, but I think mine might have it by a nose. It's listed in the book as Fine and NBNC as F-VF. My note is VF-XF.

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WOW! Great pickup Cody - Congrats!!
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