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Dan Cong

I just took the tour of the Fed in NYC. They seriously frown on pictures, so only the outside. 

Not really a currency centric tour, though they have a pallet of ones you can lean on. 

the big draw is 25% of the world gold is in the basement and you can fill your eyeballs, but that’s about it. I could get close enough to see a lot of Canadian gold bars with a prominent date of 1943, but there were some Elizabeth stamped bars as well. 

you get a free bag of notes to take home. Some assembly required. 

FBD42391-E731-4D52-B41D-CBCF5E37974B.jpeg  773A5955-C293-4D05-8FCD-20E077CCDBF1.jpeg  039FC96F-3EBB-4B7D-AD2D-6EF48D3C8DEA.jpeg 

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I have one of those from my tour there two years ago.  I also have one shredded bag from my visit to Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Dallas Fed Museums.  And even though I've been to just the outside of the East Rutherford (E-Rock) operations center, I have a shredded currency brick from there.
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Roger Ramjet
I have toured the Chicago and Kansas City branches, both numerous times.  One of the security guards at the KC branch was very informative and willing to share a ton of information!! ðŸ˜ƒ

The Chicago branch has some very nice notes and information except they have a 1929 Chicago Federal Reserve Bank Note as a National Note. ðŸ˜ Click image for larger version - Name: frbn at frb.jpg, Views: 66, Size: 33.27 KB
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I went there when I was 13 yo. My uncle was a big wig there at the time. I got to go inside the area where they weighed the bars and was allowed to put them on the giant scales. I had to put special protective cups onto my shoes in case I dropped a bar! great memory!
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Nice pictures and stories. Here’s a Philly link:


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