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Working from home has me trying to update my collection inventory and in the process, thin out some duplicate notes. Most are graded a few raw (scans available on request). Some scarce and nice notes, priced to move out.

$5 FRNs
1934 Non-Mule Chicago bp 786 Fine+  SOLD
1934 Mule KC PCGS 58PPQ SOLD
1934B SF LB Block PCGS 63PPQ  Inquire
1934C SF LB  Not available anymore
1934D SF STAR Fine, pink discoloration lower right front. on Ebay
1950 SF Wide I PCGS 64PPQ  SOLD
1950A SF STAR PCGS 62PPQ undergraded SOLD
1963 KC STAR PCGS 58PPQ Full on Gem 66 - no folds. SOLD
1988A SF Radar L95277259A PCGS 64PPQ SOLD
1993 NY BA Block PCGS 64PPQ SOLD

$10 FRNs
1934D SF STAR Fine or better SOLD
1934A SF STAR PCGS 40PPQ Nice. On eBay

$20 FRNs
1934 SF LGS STAR VF with small bit of purple teller stamp (removable). $125
1934A SF STAR PCGS 35 On eBay
1934B SF STAR PCGS 15 Apparent (pinhole tear lower right) $175
1950 SF STAR XF/AU small spot bottom margin. SOLD
1990 SF LB Block PCGS 58PPQ $30
1990 SF LC Blocl PCGS 66PPQ  $55

1934A HAWAII Late Finished Back Plate 204 F/VF (Tiny writing lower right margin) SOLD

PM Me.
Orders over $100 free postage. PayPal F&F or check.
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1934B L-B $5 is an awesome note!!! 👏 
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PM sent
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Steve in Tampa
Nice assortment Randy.
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Here are some larger images.
1. Click on image;
2. Click on expand box lower right; and
3. Then click the (x) in center to get large image of notes.
1934 GA NM  1934 $20 LGS Star.jpg  1934 JA 1934A L Star.jpg  1934A $20 L Star 1934B $20 L Star.jpg  1934B L Star Detail.jpg  1934B LB 1934C LB.jpg  1934D $5 L Star.jpg  1934D $5 L Star BAck.jpg  1950 $20 L Star 1934A $20 204.jpg  1950 $20 L Star 1934A $20 204 Back.jpg  1934A 204 Detail.jpg  1990 $20 LB and LC.jpg  1993 BA 1988A LA Radar.jpg
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Small bump.
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Will consider offers before putting some of these on eBay.
Any questions, please feel free to PM me.
Thank you.
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