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I got an email from A. Karamitsos about this book and thought I would pass on the info...


Hellas Banknotes 2020 (In Three Volumes)
by A.Karamitsos

Hellas Banknotes 2020 (Publication July 2020 - In Three Volumes) Three bilingual (Greek & English), full colour volumes (over 800 pages in total)

Volume I: It consists of the issues of the Provisional Administration of Greece during the Greek revolution, the Greek state’s bonds and the issue of the Phoenix, the 87 years operation of the National Bank of Greece and all its issues, as well as the Phalanx credit notes that existed at the same period. Furthermore, in the first volume there are, the Ionian Bank, the privileged Bank of Epirothessaly and the Bank of Crete issues.
Volume II: It contains the issues of the Bank of Greece till the introduction of Euro, European Union’s currency.
Volume III: The third volume includes notes that were issued, locally or nationally by domestic issuing authorities or foreign forces on behalf of Greece.

The "Hellas Banknotes" catalogue describes the history of the Hellenic banknotes from the establishment of the Provisional Administration during the Greek Revolution till the nowadays European Union’s common currency unit, Euro. As Greece is a country with a turbulent modern history, which for 150 years was under constant civil or external wars, a very interesting (world widely) economic environment was created, banknotes using the currency unit of foreign countries, fractional currency, bisected and cut banknotes, internal loans’ bonds, values higher than the denomination (NN Issue) and much more that we will analyse through the catalogue. After a lot of research we gathered as much information as possible and we tried to write them down in few lines in every chapter.

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This is tempting, Greece is an outstanding country to collect (ask me how I know...) and a comprehensive resource is really something I am considering... alas my Greece has slowed as all of the low hanging fruit is obtained and the ones I haven't obtained might as well be golden apples for Athena (enjoy my classical reference, plebs...)
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I thought you would at least find it interesting. I still have a long way to go. 

Waiting for these to arrive. 

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