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I am copying this data from a rather rough copy of the following data, so forgive me (and let me know) if there are any boo boos.

1935D (18 subject)

*00000001D to *00144000D July 1952
*00144000D to *00720000D October 1952
*00720001D to *01440000D November 1952
*01440001D to *03312000D December 1952
*03312001D to *05616000D January 1953 (SERIES 1935D AND 1935E)


*05616001D to *08064000D February 1953
*08064001D to *12384000D March 1953
*12384001D to *13968000D April 1953
*13968001D to *16848000D May 1953
*16848001D to *19872000D June 1953
*19872001D to *24336000D July 1953
*24336001D to *25632000D August 1953
*25632001D to *29088000D September 1953
*29088001D to *36784000D October 1953
*36784001D to *38448000D November 1953
*38448001D to *43920000D December 1953
*43920001D to *49536000D January 1954
*49536001D to *55296000D February 1954
*55296001D to *60840000D March 1954
*60840001D to *69120000D April 1954
*69120001D to *73080000D May 1954
*73080001D to *78120000D June 1954
*78120001D TO *78400000D GAP
*78400001D to *82800000D July 1954 (ANOTHER GAP FROM 8244M TO 8272M)
*82800001D to *85320000D August 1954
*85320001D to *91800000D September 1954 (WITH A GAP)
*91080001D to *95040000D October 1954
*95040001D to *01080000E November 1954
*01080001E to *04680000E December 1954
*04680001E to *10080000E January 1955
*10080001E to *12600000E February 1955 (WITH ANOTHER GAP)
*12600001E to *19080000E March 1955
*19080001E to *23400000E April 1955 (A GAP AGAIN)
*23400001E to *26280000E May 1955
*26280001E to *30960000E June 1955 (WITH ANOTHER GAP)
*30960001E to *33480000E July 1955
*33480001E to *37080000E August 1955
*37080001E to *41760000E September 1955 (ANOTHER GAP)
*41760001E to *48600000E October 1955
*48600001E to *54000000E November 1955 (WITH A GAP)
*54000001E to *58320000E December 1955
*58320001E to *62640000E January 1956 (WITH A GAP)
*62640001E to *67680000E February 1956
*67680001E to *73800000E March 1956 (WITH A GAP)
*73800001E to *77040000E April 1956 (WITH ANOTHER GAP)
*77040001E to *83160000E May 1956 (WITH ANOTHER GAP)
*83160001E to *88200000E June 1956
*88200001E to *91040000E AND BEYOND: July 1956 (AT LEAST ONE GAP)

By Autumn 1956 the *F block was in print. July 1956 contains only partial data (hence the and beyond part).


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Looking at my O/S catalog and the above star data. It is very highly likely that a good portion of the NG block was printed in January of 1953.
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For those looking for 1935 star data.
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A BIG thank you for all your data you are sharing in this and the others threads. It is greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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Bump as promised.
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Another bubble up thread.

I wish I knew where this document is located, BEP or National Archives ?????

Do they have 1935 serial number data from November 1935 to the end of the 12 subject era ?????
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I do not have this data.  My understanding that it came from the BEP.

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Love the 1935-D series even though a lot of people do not regard Wide to Narrow as interesting Change Over pairs.   It is also a large block set challenge so I kinda like it for that as it was quite an accomplishment in all CU or better 😉
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I found out that the BEP has a good amount of data on Silver Certificates. 

I am going to be requesting the $10 data for series 1934 Silver Certificates, which they have through June 1939. 

If they have star note data, that would be dynooomite  !!
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