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DepressionScripGuy (Rod)

For those that don't know, you can actually host your pictures on this forum. You can create multiple photo albums to organize and store your photos. It's not a perfect system and has limits on how to organize your photos, but it's functional and it's yet another option that was not offered at other sites.

Pros -
- You can now host your photos here on the forum in your own photo album(s).
- No need to sign up for 3rd party photo hosting service like FLickr or Photobucket.
- Easily copy an image address and post the picture into the forums.
- As a new member you can easily start posting photos with limited computer skills.

Cons -
- You can not select multiple pictures and delete them. It has to be done one at a time.
- Limited instructions on use - that's where the info below comes in handy.
- Photo albums are not private. Any member of this forum can browse your photo
albums. Guests (unregistered users) and banned members can not view your photo albums.
- You can only copy the address of one photo at a time to post into a forum message.

To see your albums...

Click on your username to go to your profile page. There you will see an area that says Albums. If you click on my profile - DepressionScripGuy (Rod) you will see I have created 3 albums for myself - Smileys, Checks, and Depression Scrip. The profile window will only show the first 2 albums, but you can create more than that.

If you have no albums created....

To create an album

- click on add photos
- I suggest you only upload 1 photo so you can get the album created first.
- Select the picture from your computer and click open
- A new window will pop open that looks like this:


- Click on POST PHOTOS

That's it, your 1st album has now been created.

Now you can edit the album and change it's name. For now it just says UNTITLED ALBUM.

To edit the album...

- Click on EDIT ALBUM over on the right side

In here you have the option of deleting the whole album. Over on the right it now says DELETE ALBUM instead of EDIT ALBUM. Click delete and it will ask for a confirmation and then you can delete the whole album. If you have any photos in there, it will delete them as well. So be careful.

To edit the album title and description, even though it doesn't say you can, you can click on the album title on the left side of the screen and change it. Also, you can add a description where is says SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ALBUM. Just click on that text and change it.


You can also add a description of the photo too. There is a box below each photo you can enter in
the description.

Also, you will notice when you put your mouse on the photo, there is a small arrow in the top right corner of the photo. Click on it and two options pop up.
MAKE ALBUM COVER - Selecting this makes this photo the one that will show as the cover photo in your profile for this album.
REMOVE THIS PHOTO - This is one of the ways you can delete a photo.  The other way is when you click on a photo in your album and you are looking at the full size picture, there is a delete button at the tip right corner of the photo.

Click on SAVE on the right when you are done. That's it, now you have a photo album to store photos into. You can click on the photo to see it full size. The only way to get back to your album is you have to click on ALBUMS at the top of the page or hit back arrow on your web browser.


To add more photos to this album, just click on ADD PHOTOS on the right side of the screen. The same window pops open, select your pictures from your computer and click OPEN. It will load them into the popup and then you can click on POST PHOTOS. I have tried this with multiple files selected and after about 4 photos the software starts to error out and gives funny results. So the best advice I can give is only select 1 to 4 photos at a time. You can select more and take your chances but that's up to you.

Here is how you create a 2nd photo album, etc....

You have to go back to the root page for albums. Click on ALBUMS after your username at the top of the screen.


If you want to add photos to an album you already created, then click on that album to go into it.  Then click on ADD PHOTOS like before. To create a new album, Click on ADD PHOTOS on this screen (root page for albums). Again, I suggest selecting one photo only so you can get the album created first. Click on OPEN and on the Popup screen, it doesn't tell you, but the album name can be changed.


Click on UNTITLED ALBUM and change the name to your new album name you want to create. Then just like before, click on POST. Now you have created another photo album and you're currently in it. If you click on ADD PHOTOS here, it will automatically upload photos to this album. To change albums, click on ALBUMS at the top of the page next to your username again and go back to the root page of your photo albums.


Now you can click on any album to add or view photos in that album. Or click ADD PHOTOS here to create another photo album.



To post your photos from an album...

Go into your photo albums, go into the particular album then click on the picture of the one you want to post.
You should now be looking at the full size image.
Right click on the picture and select COPY IMAGE ADDRESS.
No go to the forums and create your post.
To add the photo, click on add photo icon (the tree)
Right click in the blank next to IMAGE URL and select paste - this will paste the web address to that photo
Now Click OK

That's it. If anyone has problems or questions, feel free to ask me.  I know it's not exactly easy, but once you mess with the albums and upload / delete / create you will get the hang of it.

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