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I, I just joined today, and wanted to say hello to everyone.

I just stumbled upon this site and saw the post about a scam, but could not understand how, so posted the question.

I hope all the experts and champions here will help me every now and then, looking for everyone's support.

I am mainly into collecting world notes.
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Welcome to the forum Peaks.
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Welcome and good luck. What type of world notes do you collect? Any examples? Thanks. 
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Steve in Tampa
mebid2much wrote:
Welcome to the forum Peaks.

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+2! Welcome aboard!
Looking for:
Any small size UNC $1 FRN with serial 16977961.
2009 $1 LX end -61 - CU.
1935A $1 CC HAWAII end -61 raw or PCGS CU or better, PMG ok.
World serial 00000061.
World replacements serials ending -61.
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Welcome to the forums!  I've only been here a day, myself.  😂
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welcome...I hope you will be a collectible of fractional notes which are still legal tender and over 150 years old!
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Welcome to the Forum. 

if you click on the PMG banner at the top of the     page and then select the upper left hand corner additional information can be found on world notes as well as their Registry. 

The Registry is free to join and you can email any member listed that might collect notes in the countries you collect.

Feel free to ask questions here as their are many members who collect world notes who can assist you with answers and perhaps other dealers to buy from and more. 

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Howdy! 🤠 
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Hurray, another new member! Welcome -- I think you'll find a lot of knowledgeable and personable collectors and dealers on the forum. And questions are encouraged!
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great to see a new face...explore US fractionals...very interesting history, many varieties, exciting to hunt for elusive rarities and they're beautiful!
Always looking for high quality fractional notes, specimens, proofs, experimentals and anything fractional related
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Welcome !!! 😊
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I can't tell, how happy I am to hear from you all.

As suggested by Springfield, I have joined the PMG site (again, had joined before, but had lost the credentials). Well this is my main source, I uses, to know the catalouge value of the notes, but lately, I have noticed, it has stopped showing the values for most of the notes, it throws you back to the search page.

Well before I write anything else, first thing first.

I collect, notes coins and stamps, but mostly notes, why do I collect notes ?

Just because I like them, every note is a peice of art, both at the front and at the back. Each note is unique (unlike coins and stamps), each note has its own identity because each individual note has a unique number. I consider each one of it as a piece of history.

Please, if you guys can also tell your reasons, why you collect notes, it will nice to hear.

Because of my reasons, I now not an expert of a seasoned collector, I would say I am a absolute novice. I just buy the notes which I like.

I hope I would learn a lot from you guys here.

I already learnt that "fractional notes which are still legal tender and over 150 years old!"

I will try and post pictures from my collection as soon as I get time, please do not expect any professional picture or some awesome collection. :-)

Yes, I have a few fractional notes, oh!!! yes, I remember, I have a one which is of rare variety because there is no company name at the back and is perforated. I will and post a picture of it as well.
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Welcome, welcome!
FRN Collections Complete - 1928-1934 LGS: $5 [87%] - $10 [37%] - $20 [2%] - $50 [6%] - $100 [0%] - $500 [0%]

http://www.1928notes.com - If you have a new note to add, please let me know.
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Welcome to the forum. You came to the right place for helpful advice and encouragement in making the hobby an enjoyable experience.
Regards, Joe
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Peaks, if you're curious, there was a thread started a few years back called "Why do you collect Paper Money?" If you add a comment on that thread it will bump back to the top and maybe a few other newcomers will add their reasons.
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