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Was looking at a friend's table and was going through the souvenir cards, and this one jumped out at me since I have a $5 just like it.   

Looking closer I saw the serial #1775 and thought to myself that's a nice serial number for a Boston note.  I then started thinking, I've seen this note someplace before, and looked to see if it was the one I picked up a while back.  Sure enough, it was.  Note and card are now reunited.



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Very cool reunion!
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Congratulations on locating your note. It is nice to find something special after a long search.
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That's sweet!  Congratulations  [thumb]
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That's the result when you pair a very good memory and a bit of luck! It must have been an exciting moment.
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That's a great story! Typically intaglio cards have no serial numbers, but the private cards issued by clubs often depict issued notes. I think this is the first instance I've seen where the original note got reconnected -- well done!
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Dan Cong
It's a great looking note. And now it's famous. A link to an article about Roger Durand's sale at HA https://coinweek.com/paper-money-2/paper-money-us/santa-claus-bank-notes-roger-durand-collection/

The 1775 note wasn't there BTW
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