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1928C DA ten.jpg 
Glad to get this from a forum member. Note recently graded, as it is in the new clear holder. Note has one light fold near left 9, a light bend in the center, and one corner fold. Notation on back of minor repairs, which are almost unnoticeable (possibly two edge splits repaired). 

1934 B star twenty.jpg 
In an older PMG holder (2014 ish) Graded AU50 EPQ. Note has a light to moderate fold, a light center fold, and a corner fold. Note also has minor ink at left, near T, so how did this EPQ ?. 

The $64,000 question is how is one note a 40 and the other a 50, with nearly identical folds ?????

IMO the $20 is properly graded, minus the EPQ, and the $10 should be a 50 without notations on back and no Q. Three folds makes a 40. 

This is what happens when over time grading standards are too relaxed and then normalized, and then finally too rigid.
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