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Hi all,

I've seen PMG holders like this a few times online, but never in person.  With a holder in a holder?  Are they real and do they really sometimes have a holder in a holder? s-l1600.jpg
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Yep . Genuine .
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many earlier pmg holders put fractionals into these smaller sleeves...

1241 copy.jpg 
If you are in doubt, just check the verification on the PMG site  https://www.pmgnotes.com
Always looking for high quality fractional notes, specimens, proofs, experimentals and anything fractional related
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I didn't care for Fractional currency until I read the history of why they came about. Now I'm hooked. Maybe we should start the fractional series again with the national coin shortage!
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 Now there’s an idea I could get behind! 


I believe it is genuine but I have only seen it done on fractional currency previously. I have never seen it on smaller Chinese notes. If it is helpful to keep the note from moving around in the holder, I can get behind that as well! 

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Genuine earlier insert.
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