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I was looking for some banknotes and came across this web site: https://www.katespapermoney.co.uk/

I wanted to know if someone here has ordered from there and if the experience was good.
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Sorry can’t help. Some of the others might be of assistance. Thanks for the link.
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The site looks well done with proper descriptions on items.  I have not bought from them and I only looked at United States notes.  
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hmmm, I responded to this but I don't see my response...

I contacted them/he/she a few months ago and they responded, so I will assume they are still in business. 
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Yes, I have bought a fair bit of British notes from Kate and she is quick and safe sending etc.  Another recommended British dealer is Pam West.
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I don’t have direct experience with either, but Kate’s and Pam West are longstanding, reputable dealers active in IBNS.

Can’t speak to their customer service, but it’d certainly be safe to give them a try.
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