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Here is a picture I came across taken in Las Vegas sometime during the late 1970's.  What stood out to me, of course, is the "Coin Shop" sign on the right side of the street.  I was just wondering if anybody here might remember that shop and if the shop, or the people involved with it, are still around.  More importantly, did they have any currency?

Las Vegas 1970s.jpg 

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Nope...nothing to share about the coin/currency store but the cars and bell bottoms bring back memories. Chevys , Fords , Chryslers and maybe a Lincoln Mark III ? Anyway, very cool photo.
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Steve in Tampa
Love these mid century photos.

Which way to the big Casinos ?
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Sergei Aleksandrov
The Cornet store sign brings back memories, from N. California though, not LV.
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Wow!  I was stationed at Nellis AFB from 1982-1986 during my Air Force career and Vegas was the place to be.  Wish I was into collecting back then.
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I think it's the Silver Dollar Trading Post.  Check out this picture:
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