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Since July 20, 2015, I have been able to do more digging. 

The September 02, 1937 through October ??, 1937 printings have the same color. I agree 100 percent that they are transitional seals, but disagree that they should be attributed as DGS. These notes still possess yellow green, while the December 06, 1937 on notes possess blue green.

Since the last post, I have acquired the December 31, 1937 annual report for all of the FRN's. I will add that info to this post in the very near future. It should provide a cut in serials for $5, $50, $100 and above, as well as a cut for some of the $20 districts.
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Since I am unable to edit this older thread (which was OK until PhotoBucket cut off access to the pictures) and re-insert the pictures, it may be best to let it submerge back into the depths and I can redo it.
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I wish these two were in my collection!

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Bumping for a forum member.

I have seen enough star notes from November 1937 (some in CU) to be convinced that the break is after October 26, 1937, but by November 01, 1937. 
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How about some fresh scans ??

1934 AA lgs five.jpg 

Bought raw as a 63Q, slabbed at PMG as a 63Q. From the first printings for Boston $5's, in December 1935.

1934 AA lgs ten.jpg 
And one of the first $10's for Boston, in November of 1934. 
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Steve in Tampa
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