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Steve in Tampa wrote:
Awesome 1st post KonstantinBoss, and welcome to the PMF !

+1 welcome!

And thanks for sharing the most comprehensive list I’ve ever seen. Many on here I have never heard of or would use but wow that’s a lot of grading companies!
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Epic first post and really interesting perusing that list!
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Steve in Tampa wrote:
Awesome 1st post KonstantinBoss, and welcome to the PMF !

+1!!! Great post for the forum!
Looking for:
Any small size UNC $1 FRN with serial 16977961.
2009 $1 LX end -61 - CU.
1935A $1 CC HAWAII end -61 raw or PCGS CU or better, PMG ok.
World serial 00000061.
World replacements serials ending -61.
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Updated list of companies:
AI Cang Guaranty (ACG) - http://pj.airmb.com/
alphaNumis (AN) - https://www.alphanumis.com/
American Currency Evaluations & Grading
Asian Coin Certification Authority (ACCA) - http://www.accacoin.com/
Asian Coin Grading Service (ACGS) - http://www.acgscn.com/
Australian Professional Coin Grading Services (APCGS) - http://apcgs.com.au/
Authoritative Coin Grading Agency (ACGA) - http://acga111.com/cn/index.asp
Authoritative Numismatic Grading Service (ANGS) - http://www.angscoin.com/
Bank Notes Graduation (BNG) - http://www.banknotesgraduation.com/
Banknote Certification Service (BCS) - https://www.banknotecertification.com/
Banknotes International (BNI) - http://www.ebaystores.com/Banknotes-International/Banknotes-International.html http://www.banknotes-international.com/
Bao Cui Coin + Bao Cui Money Grading (BCMG) - http://www.baocuicoin.com/
Bao Ping Collection Certification Service Co. Ltd. (BCCS) - http://www.baopingjianding.com/
Bei Jing Guo Zhi Coin Art Appraisal Center (GZCA) - http://www.bjgzca.com/
Beijing Dicke Appraisal Technology Service Co. Ltd. (DKJD) - http://www.1688bao.com/
Beijing Gongbo Gucoin Art Appraisal Co., Ltd. (GBCA) - http://www.gongbocoins.com/
Beijing GongBo Paper Money Guaranty (GBPM) - http://www.gongbocoins.com.cn/
Beijing Guojian Coin Ari Appraisal Core (GSCA) - https://www.gjjd010.com/
Beijing GuoPing Coin Art Appraisal Core (GPJD) - http://www.chinagpjd.com/
Canadian Coin & Currency (CCC)
Canadian Coin Certification Service (CCCS) - http://www.canadiancoincertification.com/
Canadian Currency Grading Service (CCGS) - http://www.canadiancurrencygradingservice.com/
Certification of Multiple Collections (CMC) - http://www.cmcgrading.com.cn/
China Coin Grading Service (CCGS) - http://www.iccgs.cn/
China Grading Coin Service (CGCS) - http://www.cgcscoin.com/
China National Standard Grading Service (CNGS) - http://www.cngs.cc/
China Numismatic Certification Center (CNCC) - http://www.163668.cn/
China Numismatic Certification Service (Beijing China Majestic Numismatic Certification Service Limited) (CNCS) - http://hlssjd.com/
China Paper Money Guaranty (CPMG) - http://www.cpmgmoney.com/
Coin Stamp Identification Service (CSIS) - http://www.csis.vip/
Collectibles Authentication Guaranty (CAG) - https://www.cagcertified.com/
Currency Conservation & Attribution LLC. (CC&A) - http://www.csacca.com/
Currency Evaluation Company (CEC)
Currency Grading & Authentication (CGA) - https://www.cganotes.com/
Currency Grading & Certification (CGC) - http://www.cgcnotes.com/ http://www.currencygradingcertification.com/
DIM Currency (DIM) - https://dimcurrency.com/ http://dim99.com/
Exquisite Grading Services™ (EGS) - https://globalmillionairesinc.com/coin-grading
G.D.Fair Collection (GDGC) - http://gdgccoin.com/
Gallery Coin Company (GCC)
Gdyński Dom Aukcyjny (GDA) - http://zbiory.net/search.php?id=0&uid=9
Generic Currency Grading Services (GCGS) - http://www.gcgs.com/
Golden Shield Coin Grading Appraisal (GCGA) - http://www.jindunpingji.com/
Grading Banknote
Graging & Value
Guandong Guobaio Collectibles Grading Co., Ltd (GBP) - http://www.gdgbngc.com/
Guo Chao Jian Ding (GCJD) - http://www.guochaojianding.com/
Guoxin Hengfeng (BJSCP) - http://bjscp.cn/
Hallmark Grading Service the connoisseur’s
Huicang Grading Service (HCGS) - http://www.hcgscoin.com/
International Currency Grading (ICG) - http://www.icgrading.com/
Jin Quan Rating (JQR) - https://www.jinquanrating.com/
Junning Ping Ji - http://www.junningchuanmei.com/
Korea Currency Appraisal (KORCA)
Legacy Currency Grading - https://www.legacygrading.com/
National Kernel Professional Coin Identification Center (GRJD)
Newallawen Numismatic Grading Company (NNGC) - http://nngc.hompee.com/user/index.hpc http://www.nngc.kr/
Num.Az LLC - http://www.num.az/
Numismatic Guarantee Service of India (NGS) - http://www.ngsofindia.com/
Numismatic Professional Grading Service (NPGS) - http://www.cngccoin.com
Numismatic Professional Grading Service (NPGS-CPS) - http://www.cngccoin.com/ http://www.cngccoin.com/News/Details.aspx?id=549
Paper Money Certification Services (PMCS) - https://www.pmcsnotes.com/
Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) - https://www.pmgnotes.com/
PCCB Banknote Grading (PCCB)
PCG Grading (PCG) - http://pcgnotes.eu/
Pin Bao Guaranty (PBG) - http://www.pinbaopj.com/
Professional Authentication Services & Standards, L.L.C. (PASS-CO) - http://www.pass-co.com/
Professional Currency Grading
Professional Currency Grading® Service Banknote Grading (PCGS Banknote Grading) - https://www.pcgsasia.com/ http://pcgs.com.cn/
Professional Currency Grading® Service CMC (PCGS - CMC)
Professional Currency Grading® Service Currency (PCGS Currency) - https://www.pcgscurrency.com/ https://www.pcgs.com/
Professional Currency Grading® Service Currency International Grading (PCGS International Grading) - https://www.pcgscurrency.com/
Professional Currency Grading® Service Gold Shield Grading (PCGS Gold Shield Grading) - https://www.pcgseurope.com/
Rare Currency Grading Service (RCGS) - http://www.rarecurrencygradingservice.com/
Security Currency Grading (SCG)
Shanghai Jiejia Art Appraisal Co., Ltd (JJJD) - http://shjjjd.com
South African Numismatic Grading Service (SANGS) - http://www.sangs.co.za/
Southern Numismatic Grading (SNG)
Star Grading Service America’s Grading (SGS) - http://www.stargrading.org/
Superior Grading (SG) - http://www.superior-grading.com/
Talent Collecting Certification (TCC) - https://www.tccpj.com/
Tianyin Coin Identification Service (TCIS) - http://www.tiandabaoyin.com/
Unigrade Coins - http://www.unigradecoins.com
United States Grading Company (USG) - http://usgrading.com/
World Banknote Grading™ (WBG) - http://www.worldbanknotegrading.com/
World Currency Grading Certified Currency - http://www.WorldCurrencyGrading.com
World Money Grading (WMG) - http://www.worldmoneygrading.com
Xiamen Liquan Art Co., Ltd. (LQJD) - http://www.liquanjd.com/
Xin Quan Grading Service (Xinquan Art Appraisal Service Co., Ltd.) (XQGS) - http://www.xinquangs.com/
Yuan-Tai Grading - http://www.ytgrading.com/
Yuhe Fair Guaranty (YHFG) - http://yhyspjd.com/
Zhenquan (ZQCN) - http://www.zhenquanpingji.com/
Zhibi Currency Grading - http://www.zhibi.com/
Zhong Dun Guaranty (ZDPG) - http://www.zhongdun001.com/
Zhong Qian Ping Ji (CMG) - http://www.ccg98.com/
Zhongchao Authentication & Grading - http://www.zhongchaojianding.com/
Zhongqian Guoxin Collectibles Rating (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CCGS) - http://www.zhongqianguoxin.com/
Znak Grade (ZG) - https://www.zgrade.ru/
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How about these two:
PASS-CO - http://www.pass-co.com
C.N.C.S. - Chinese numismatic certification service
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mfontes wrote:
How about these two:
PASS-CO - http://www.pass-co.com
C.N.C.S. - Chinese numismatic certification service

Thank you, but these companies are already on the list.

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oh sorry.  i missed them the first time around.  
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I found this note certified by WMG. It's interesting the full description on the back about  folds, creases, border, corner, etc.
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WMG has been around for awhile. I agree, a lot of info on the back of that slab.  Cool note too. 
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Here are some CCCS and BCS.  Just remember, BCS only does Canadian (coin and currency), and CCCS does Canadian, American, and International coin and currency.  The prices are in C$, so it is extremely reasonable and both companies are approved for Ebay. I mostly use PMG and CCCS, both holders are very good and both do a good job, but CCCS is much more cost effective, especially on lower value notes.

c1.jpg  c2.jpg  c3.jpg  c4.jpg  c5.jpg 
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Thank you, but these companies are already on the list.

I did not know PASS graded currency.  I have never seen their holders.  I think they are well respected with regards to autographs and stuff like that.  I don't collect those, I know very little about the company.

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I have some BCS but have never seen a CCCS in person...

I cant believe how many different ones are actually out there...

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