PMG is the Offical Grading Service of the Paper Money Forum
I am looking to buy 1957 Silver Certificates graded by PMG as Gem in the following blocks.

1957 FR-1619       B-A   E-A   F-A   G-A   P-A   A-B

1957-A FR-1620    B-A   J-A   M-A

1957-B FR-1621    *-A

If you have any of these blocks in Gem PMG holders,  (or a list of all the Gems you do have) I will pay you with Pay-Pal or what ever is best for you.
please contact me directly at
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Contact Mike at Centurial Collectibles in New York.  He has many notes available that are not shown on his website.  

I hope this helps you.  

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I would have sold you this but it's a radar.
PCGS/Legacy Currency Registry Awards:
2017 best new set of the year
2018 best small size block set
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Thanks for coming forward,    what is your asking price

Thanks Woody
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What grades are you looking for.. i most likely have every one of those in my inventory. Let me know 


Kearney Coin Center

I should have everything from CU64EPQ-CU67EPQ

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PM sent
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