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As I was perusing the shelves in my favorite wine shop (Grocery Outlet) I came across an interesting label for Sawbuck vineyards in Yolo County. This was for a Syrah, but a little Googling showed that they have a number of varietals. The label is clearly modeled on the text layout of a National Bank Note!

Has anyone come across any other examples of currency related wine labels?

Sawbuck center.jpg  Sawbuck Malbec label.jpg 
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That's cool.
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Dan Cong
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Yes I did a few months ago.  I’ll have to return to the store and try to find the bottle. 
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Here’s some obsoletes, there was a 3rd label but no longer at the wine store.

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Not currency, but this is how I grade raw notes:

Educated Guess Cabernet Napa

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I really like those obsolete banknote labels, Marty!

For a while I was acquiring images of stamp-related wine labels (there are a surprisingly large number), but I also found one with coins.

Coins on wine.jpg 

Walnut Block wine Label.jpg 
Benton-Lane green wine label.jpg 
Oregon Territory wine 1.jpg 
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