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Funny, I just today had a no ship, no reply to my email. I contacted eBay with it and they refunded me in less than 10 minutes. Catch was though, I couldn't leave a feedback.
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Yeah I tend to hold my powder on this stuff but the lack of communication from the seller deserves a negative. I mean cancelling a sale afterwards is already a called strike two on a pitchers count... failing to communicate afterwards is almost a deliberate HBP. Gotta charge the mound on this one...
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jhodgson wrote:
Finally got my refund.  So, do I give him negative feedback?

Hell yeah ( Night Court judge voice)! Perhaps he will think twice before doing this to someone else. 

I am glad you at least got your refund. 
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Leave whatever feedback you want
Since you received a full refund, when asked by the seller, Ebay will wash the seller's Negative feedback and remind him for 6 months that "we have your back" - LOL

Feedback is not a serious buying tool and the way ebay launders feedback makes it clear this is purely an ego stroke to keep feedback receivers on the website.
Marketing tool only now ....

The most serious feedback system was Yahoo auctions (now closed) where you could leave multiple feedback comments and change the rating (Pos, Neg, Neutral) at any time.  Seller could resolve many issues without Admin. 
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This situation is why there's a negative feedback option in the first place.
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I would give negative and state in comment “Seller failed to reply. Refund granted by EBay/PayPal.”

I do not think EBay would delete that comment since it is totally true.  
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