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Kraig Tripp

The following are notes listed in the upcoming Heritage Long Beach Auction

1) $5  Fed  1928B  Fr:1952-H 68PPQ
Pop 1/0 between PCGS and PMG. The only 68 for the series regardless of the district.

2) $5 Fed  1934D  Fr: 1960-C 68PPQ 
Pop 1/0 between both services.

3) $5 Fed  1950A*  Fr: 1962-B* 68PPQ
Pop 1/0 between both services. The only 68 star for the series at either service.

4) $5 Fed  1950D Fr:1965-G 69PPQ
Pop 1/0 between both services. No 68's at either service. The oldest $5 Fed graded 69Q.

5) $5 Fed  1950D*  Fr:1965-L* 68PPQ
Pop 1/0 between both services.

6) $5 Fed  2003*  Fr:1990-L* 70PPQ
Pop 5/0.

7) $5 Fed  2009  Fr:1994-L 70PPQ
Pop 1/0 for the series between both services.

8) $20 Fed  1934 Mule Fr:2054-J 68PPQ
Pop 2/0 between the two services. No 67's at either service.

9) $20 Fed  1934A  Fr:2055-G 68PPQ
Pop 2/0 between the two services.

10) $20 Fed  1934B  Fr:2056-G 68PPQ
Pop 1/1 between the two services. The 69 listed in both pop reports is the same note.

11) $20 Fed  1934D-Narrow  Fr:2058-GN 68EPQ
Pop 1/0. This note was previously in a 68PPQ holder.

12) $20 Fed  1950A  Fr:2060-J 68PPQ
Pop 1/0 between both services.

13) $20 Fed  1963A  Fr:2066-G 69PPQ
Pop 1/0 between both services.

14) $20 Fed  1969C  Fr:2070-E 68PPQ
Pop 1/0 between the two services. SERIAL #30

Any questions please post or PM.


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Steve in Tampa
It looks like a registry hit parade !

Are these notes yours Kraig ? And if they are, are they all duplicates or are you liquidating part of your collection ?

Sorry I’m so nosy...
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Kraig Tripp
Yes they are my notes. All of them are top pops and many of them pop 1/0 notes, so unfortunately (?) they are not duplicates.
Liquidating some more top pop $5 and $20 Feds. I loved the series but felt it was time to explore some other areas.
Still collecting $5 SC by block and two other sets that I have NOT published and would prefer to keep private. 
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Kraig these are all killers I like 5 or 6 of them a lot and will put in bids.

Amazing small type notes that are basically impossible to find
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Kraig Tripp
Auction ends in less than six days and most are at opening bid. Thanks for looking.
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Kraig Tripp
Notes (Heritage Long Beach Auction) end tomorrow morning. Unfortunately (for me) most are at or near opening bid and someone is going to get them for a steal. Good luck to all bidders. Thanks!
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I would bet that people are just waiting to jump in on many of them... I have my eye on a few. There is a large amount of great material in this auction though. I know I cant afford to buy all that I am interested in...

Best of Luck!
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