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Next up, FIP (foil in paper), trademarked by Hueck Follien.
Foil in paper.  In paper substrates, window can be created with cut-out holes sealed with a strip of polymer film or with an entire polymer layer covering the whole area of the note.  The FIP™ security thread contains optically active and diffractive security elements with precise micro demetallisation and high refractive image coating (HRI).
The latest banknote series of Thailand utilizes this security feature, among others.
The Bank of Thailand press release: The front side of the banknote in all denominations depicts His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun in the Royal Thai Air Force uniform as the main portrait.The reverse side of each denomination depicts the portraits of two Kings in order of reign, along with the images of their memorable royal duties.To ensure smooth changeover; the sizes and the colors of the Series 17 remain the same as the Series 16. Most security features are retained in the new series;however, some of new advanced counterfeit deterrent features have been adopted as follows: Security thread:located on the front side of the banknote. Extra moving effects incorporated into the 100-Baht banknote security thread. Vertical serial number:Roman alphabet with Arabic numerals are placed vertically.
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Latest security feature to show - Galaxy

Galaxy® (Giesecke & Devrient)

Security thread is the combination of color shift with 3D and vibrant movement effects.  Its large motifs attract attention from any viewing angle.
ARM-50000-Front.png  ARM-50000-Back.png 
This note was also nominated for Bank Note of the Year at IBNS.
It has a 5mm Galaxy threat with machine-readable MultiCode (another GD feature), a 3 D-effect watermark, a Lasar-Cut window and a 2 color iridescent strip on the reverse.
The thread is composed of MILLIONS of mirrors arranged in a very small space.
FRONT - Armenian text; SPARK Live hand; illuminated manuscripts; Saint Gregory the Illuminator; Etchmiadzin Cathedral dome; winged cross.
REVERSE - Armenian text; Khor Virap monastery; Mountain Ararat; statue of Saint Gregory the Illuminator.
Here's one a several GD test notes touting this feature.

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Those Thai notes are just gorgeous!
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G-Switch® (Note Printing Australia) (Patent acquired by CCL Secure, the Guardian polymer maker)

A security feature of the banknotes on the polymer substrate in the form of an image which changes its color, when changing the angle of view.
This feature is on the new 50 & 100 Kina from Papua New Guinea.  It is also on the Mexico 100 Pesos, 2007 forward.
mex128.jpg  mex128 g-switch.jpg 
The color combinations available are:

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The next patented security device is Holo-Sif by OeBS (Austrian Banknote & Security).  The device is one of a type using decoder cards and lenses.  As luck would have it, a test note friend of mine Martien Van De Ven  penned an excellent article in the latest International Bank Note Society Journal titled "Hidden Features in Test Notes".  This decoder and others by Joh. Enschede, Kurz, Louisenthal, and Jura were included.

Holo-SIF® (OeBS)

Security information is hidden in two layers.  A decoder lens reveals the information.
OEBS-112.jpg  Using the lens on the front lower right part of the note yields the following:
holo1.jpg  holo2.jpg 

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