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FYI, say this yesterday...it may be something to take advantage of if you send notes to PMG for grading.  

NGC, NCS and PMG Announce Official ANA Grading and Conservation Services Special Event, July 27 – August 7

Posted on 6/24/2020

Collectors and dealers can now look forward to an unprecedented opportunity to save on expert authentication, grading and conservation services.

Last week, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) announced that the 2020 World’s Fair of Money is suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions. The highly anticipated show had been scheduled for August 4-8 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®), the official coin grading service of the ANA, responded by announcing a special savings event for collectors and dealers during the time when the ANA World’s Fair of Money would have taken place.

Now NGC’s affiliates, Numismatic Conservation Services™ (NCS®), the official conservation service of the ANA, and Paper Money Guaranty® (PMG®), the official paper money grading service of the ANA, are joining NGC in an unprecedented Official ANA Grading and Conservation Services Special Event.

The Official ANA Grading and Conservation Services Special Event will be open to NGC and PMG collector and dealer members from July 27 – August 7 for coin and paper money submissions received at the companies’ Sarasota headquarters.

PMG will apply a 20% discount to the grading fees for all submissions received under the following tiers:

  • Unlimited Value WalkThrough
  • High Value WalkThrough
  • Express
  • Standard
  • Economy
  • Economy Special

Elite NGC and PMG Collectors Society members and NGC and PMG Authorized Dealers will receive their usual discount on top of the special 20% discount.


Enamored with VF-35 and lower grade PPQ/EPQ notes!
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Works for me! Here's about 150+/- notes getting ready to go.Great timing and will help out much.

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Welp, I'm gonna beat the rush and submit the lowly amount of notes that I have so they don't get stuck behind Rob
Interested in Maryland nationals and obsoletes
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I just prepared 180 notes to send in too.  Slabbing gets expensive and any help on the cost is appreciated.
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Just shipped notes Monday, guess I missed the boat on this one!, used my collectors credit, and wrote a check for the balance, Darn the bad luck!
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