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Just don't do it like this...

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Wow, nice, I'd leave it alone !!! 👍
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i say dont cut...  they are air tight and water resistant in the holders... safer in there.  Can fall on the floor, etc with no worries.  Will cost $25-30 to get each reholdered later on.

Or get yogurt on it from a 2yo grandson!
Always looking for high quality fractional notes, specimens, proofs, experimentals and anything fractional related
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The Library of Congress doesn’t recommend encapsulating paper except as a last resort for brittle or otherwise severely compromised documents. So a breathable but otherwise protected holder made of an inert material like polyester (PET) or polypropylene is your best bet. Keep it larger than the banknote and in a good environment and you should be good.
Johnathan Lindley

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Papermoney is made out of fabric, not paper. 

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Steve in Tampa
I went to your IG account @Johnathan but only saw one post. I was hoping for more. What are your plans ?
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Are there signs yet that PCGS-currency labels are becoming less common in the auctions or commanding a weaker price?
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