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GregAlex wrote:
She shows up elsewhere, too.  😊


Now that's interesting!  She sure aged well too between 1927 and 1973.  Just out of idle interest what was the Consumers' Friend?
Always interested in St Louis MO & IL metro and Evansville IN paper money, scrip, financial docs, banking ephemera, etc.  Also collect Latvian 1915 - 1940 city and national paper money by block letter/variety
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A test note using the the 100 mil image.
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stlnats wrote:

Just out of idle interest what was the Consumers' Friend?

I'm not entirely certain, but judging by the back of the scrip note, I'd say it was a company that operated much like S&H Green Stamps. You spent a certain amount at a participating merchant and got this scrip, which could be mailed in for cash when you accumulated enough. There were four denominations - 4¢, 10¢, 20¢, and 40¢. It looks like you spent $2 and got 4¢ (hence the 2's on the corners), so a 2 percent cash-back deal. But you couldn't turn these in until you had 250 units saved up, which meant you had to spend $250 -- a pretty heft sum in 1973. That's probably why these didn't catch on.

Consumer's friend 4 cent back.jpg

I noticed that just after my post, somebody here snapped up a pair of these that were on Ebay. You're welcome!  😉
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El Banco de Santiago 20 Pesos.
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