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thanks for the correction  there is no 67 it is a 58.. I must have been thinking of the next movie im going to watch...
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key guy
I have this one not a 35A MA block.
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That is another tough note and a beautiful one too.  Go ahead and send it to me, thanks. ðŸ˜†
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jhodgson wrote:
There is a note that is 58 (no EPQ)?  I wonder if someone tried to improve the EFish note I saw about 20 years ago.  This note I believe was the first reported.

Yes Jim it's brand new to the pop report.   It could have been improperly categorized as a non mule when it was a mule.  Wouldn't be the first time PMG has made that mistake. 
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key guy wrote:
I have this one not a 35A MA block.

Oh ok I was remembering wrong.  But this is just as rare according to the pop reports. 
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Past post on the $1 SC Series 1935 plain MA mule:


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larry510 wrote:
I would recommend doing this:
Regular and star from 1928 plain to 1928B..  Regular only on 1928C to 1928E.  
Regular and star on 1934 through 1957B
1935 plain regular and mule
1935A regular and mule.
North Africa
R&S pair

And be done with it after that which would be quite an achievement.

Larry, your list actually mirrors what I am collecting in the $1 Silver Certificate department. It's not something I trumpet very often, but I am quietly putting together sets that are similar to many of your lists above. Great minds must think alike, huh? 😎

I agree, shorter, more targeted collections in the $1 denomination are more fun. When it comes to collecting every variety, type, series, etc....there are simply too many notes.


I am doing the same thing with $1 FRN's. Just 1963-1963B. Nothing more.
FRN Collections Complete - 1928-1934 LGS: $5 [87%] - $10 [37%] - $20 [2%] - $50 [6%] - $100 [0%] - $500 [0%]

http://www.1928notes.com - If you have a new note to add, please let me know.
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