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I haven't posted any stocks and bonds for a while, so here's a new topic -- sugar companies! I was surprised at how many I had when I started looking.

Granulated sugar didn't appear until around the 1890s but once it became a household commodity sugar production and demand spiked. Sugar companies expanded throughout the 20th Century as their stock went public.

American Sugar specimen.jpg  American Sugar cu.jpg  Manati Sugar.jpg  Manati Sugar cu.jpg 
Michigan Sugar SBN specimen.jpg  Cuban Cane Products bond.jpg  Cuban Cane bond cu.jpg  West Indies Sugar stock.jpg  West Indies Sugar cu.jpg  Cuba Company stock.jpg  Cuba Company cu.jpg  Great Western Sugar stock.jpg  Great Western Sugar cu.jpg 

And what became of all this cheap sugar?
Mary Lincoln Candy.jpg   
Hershey Chocolate stock.jpg  Pepsi-Cola.jpg  Pepsi-Cola cu.jpg  Royal Crown Cola.jpg
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The first sugar cane harvest vignette, shown above, appeared on several banknotes.

A partial vignette on a Cuban note:
Cuba_49a_f1 (1).jpg 
Why did they use perferations?

Another slightly larger partial vignette on a note from The Republic of Hawaii:

RepublicHawaii_10_Proof_f1 (1).jpg 

RepublicHawaii_10_Proof_f2 (1).jpg 
and even on a souvenir card:

SO-67 (1).jpg
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DepressionScripGuy (Rod)
Very cool vignettes.
Come see a forgotten piece of history...
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Here are some more vignettes of sugar cane.

From the Central Bank of Alabama:
AL-65-G6_f1.jpg  AL-65-G6_f1 (1).jpg 
This looks like sugar cane in the other vignette?
AL-65-G6_f1 (2).jpg 

And, sugar at the wharf to make it look pretty.

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Dan Cong
My only sugar type vignettes are all the Cuba ones you have -

but still - pretty sweet

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Berny wrote:
Here are some more vignettes of sugar cane.
AL-65-G6_f1 (1).jpg

Those mules sure look unnerved. Must be all the smoke from burning the field.

I'll add this, even though it's not a stock and it's not one I own (or probably ever will). But it's one of my favorite Bureau engravings. This is a specimen from the Smithsonian's collection of BEP certified proofs.

Sugar Producer license proof.jpg   

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Found a modern one I had forgotten to post.

American Sugar cu.jpg  American Sugar stock.jpg 
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