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We have been pretty careful lately to note the distinction between souvenir cards and test notes, so there's no cross-over between catalogs. But at the Chicago show I finally came across something that belongs in both!

On the last page of the booklet for the 1989 Printers Union convention is a card that features a Gutenberg test note. I had never seen this Union booklet before and I have to say it's one of my new favorites. There are 16 intaglio souvenir cards bound together with some terrific engraved vignettes among them. I will include a few here. This is included in the SCCS numbering system as F-1989C and the Gutenberg note, printed on card stock, is cataloged as F-1989C(p).

F-1989C cover.jpg  F-1989Ca.jpg  F-1989Cf.jpg  F-1989Ci.jpg  F-1989Co.jpg  F-1989Cp.jpg 
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I knew if anyone could/would muddy up the waters, you would be the culprit!

Oh well, I'll resign myself to that put right in my face.  The SICPA test note is the very first one cataloged - SICP-101.  It sells infrequently for about $60.  I don't know the dimensions or the date of issue.  I wonder if the Souvenir Card also has optically variable ink....
I should of course add the SCCS number when it is logged.
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The date of issue would be May 1989. I didn't measure the cards, but similar Union booklets are 11" x 9". I should have been more observant regarding the variable ink, but it would seem odd to advertise it and not actually use it.

The current official SCCS catalog number is F-1989C(p). However, we are currently deliberating on whether to change all the Union cards to a U prefix instead of an F.
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Steve in Tampa
Interesting Greg, thanks for sharing bud.
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