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If you collect Obsolete Proofs you will likely want to follow this auction!


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Russell Kaye
I sold Chuck many proofs during the early days of his collecting these. He assembled quite a collection in a short period of time, but at a time that many proofs were available-for a price. Duplicating this collection would take longer today, even with plenty of funds.

Chuck, Peter Mayer and a few others who are no longer buyers helped drive this market to highs 5-10 years ago but most proofs bring less today due to the removal of just a few buyers. A few states are just as strong as in the past because the buyers for these states are still active. Tip: Buy the states that sell for half or less of what they brought 5-10 years ago. Bargains can be found due to lack of collectors for certain states. Check Heritage archives to find the bargains-I'm not going to do the work for you.
Buying, Selling Currency and Sharing Knowledge-Especially Obsoletes.
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4 days away!
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Steve in Tampa
Unfortunately, none listed for Florida...
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When you collect Oklahoma that is the norm and then many times when there is a note you want it is super expensive! 

3 days away!
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