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Rock, when I began reading this thread I thought to myself "OMG he has really opened THREE cans of worms! but what the heck this is sort of a member driven forum
and if we've had good, true, and professional service for a dealer--then we should say so; and IF we've had negative experiences then say so with PROOF to back it
up but never get personal about it. Just be honest about evaluations and keep it above the "trash" level. It's okay to be negative and such but just be certain everything
you say is true. I've had negative experiences and only once did the dealer not correct the situation to my satisfaction. Needless to say I have not done any business
with the particular dealer since.
Just my opinion.
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Two threads, similar purposes. Confusing.
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i will strive to earn my spot on "THE LIST" ..... i only have 100 perc feedback ebay user id pennscurrency .........
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Two threads, similar purposes. Confusing.

Well this one is 8 years old so it was likely abandoned.
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Arcade Currency Palace - FORUM MEMBER

ahhh, the good ole days
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Great list! A few updates ...

A&O Auctions is now A&O Currency (Name change only - same owner and same great material)

And some to add - all of whom I have dealt with for years and recommend highly:

Crutch Williams - CSA & Texas notes
Shipley's Currency - CSA notes
Vern Potter Currency - Obsoletes, CSA, Continental/Colonial, Fractional, Large & Small Size notes
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LOL i think this one can go away:

Kessler Currency - FORUM MEMBER
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I updated everything so that the other thread can go away.

After 8 years, it's most likely time to let the other one die and use this one.
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DepressionScripGuy (Rod)
Anyone wants this thread updated, just post a comment with your changes / additions and I can update the list.
Come see a forgotten piece of history...
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Action Currency
I have two ebay ID's. actioncurrencycom has pretty much the same stuff as http://www.actioncurrency.com. currencyadventure has smaller and problem material that isn't on the website.
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Can you update American Currency to Americana Currency.

Thank you!
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How about http://stores.ebay.com/somewonderfulcoins/
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Woody3882   Woody3882@aol.com    FORUM MEMBER
I have been buying & trading online for over 15 years.






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I would greatly appreciate it if I could be added to the list, I am a FORUM MEMBER and have been trading, collecting and buying for over 20 years. I am well known for positive transactions by most.
Thanks Woody3882
Dana Wood
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Kurtis Johnson
Add me to list. Ive been consistent for 8 years. Also get 95% of my notes graded by either service.

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Vouch for Kurtis, just bought a nice 34-B star from him, good seller...
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Nice list! I look forward to shopping!

I can add one to the list. While I have shopped and purchased from many sellers, one stands out for me because of customer service, selection and pricing. Castle.Collections on eBay.


I have purchased from them several times and the notes have all been just as described. No "carefully selected photography" or misleading descriptions or other nonsense. Carefully packaged and shipped out quickly. Check them out sometime.
Regards, Joe
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While this is no E-bay, here is one of my stores in net-steals... a 3 year old auction site.


It doesn't offer much, but hey, its' a start. You can always browse through...

I will be uploading my most reason pricelist on the sell category of this forum later on...

Thank You.
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Check my post out folks its a rare piece!
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maxcrusha (aka Greg)
these sites appear to be DOA... if maybe someone can update the first post?...

Baker Notes
Broken Bank Notes - FORUM MEMBER
Keller Currency - FORUM MEMBER
Olde City Currency

Shipley's Currency
The Currency House
Tickle Your Fancy Currency - FORUM MEMBER
Wizard1 Numismatics
Currency by Lew Dufault
Arcade Currency Palace
ASN Currency & Collectables

Horwedels Currency
Robert Bethea's Paper Money Gallery
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maxcrusha (aka Greg)
the Stacks link is wrong... here is the correct one:  https://www.stacksbowers.com/Pages/Home.aspx
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The link for Spink  is broken and also NSFW.
Their website is atrocious but they are a respected firm and have good material. https://www.spink.com/
 is correct.
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Please, can my webstite be added to this list? Thank you
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