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One of Nirvana's recent posts got me thinking we needed a thread on this topic. "Union" souvenir cards are listed in the SCCS catalog as forerunners (F), although these are still currently being produced. The IPPDSPM&E Union (International Plate Printers, Die Stampers, Plate Makers and Engravers) started out as a collection of separate unions which consolidated in 1893. Early Union cards go back as far as as the 1870s, for social events, but the majority of these were printed for Union conventions.

Since these were often grouped in folders and booklets of 6 to 12 cards and conventions were held every few years, you can imagine how many different varieties exist. Right now we have more than 90 card images on the SCCS website, but that's only because I haven't gotten around to processing many of the other images I've been accumulating. I would guess there are at least that many more to be posted.

Modern Union cards typically have the triangular logo at the bottom, indicating they were produced by union labor. These are not always for union-related events, but usually they are a good opportunity for the IPPDSPM&EU to show off its work.

Union triangle.jpg 

Here is a sampling of Union cards over the years and I would love to see other members post theirs. There are many unlisted cards yet to be discovered. Special thanks to Don Epp for supplying many of these later images.

F-1876 Ladies.jpg 
F1946 frontis.jpg 
F1946 DC bldgs.jpg 
F1981Ac.jpg  F1990Dscan.jpg   
1993 cover.jpg  1993 red and blue.jpg  2000 Local 6.jpg  2006 BEP union.jpg

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